Dentistry OLD

Veterinarians are not only doctors but dentists as well for their animal patients.

Just as in human health good dental health is important for our overall health. Poor dental health leads to tartar build-up, gum disease, tooth infections, pain and loss of teeth. Gum and dental disease can cause secondary heart disease, kidney disease and blood infections.

Dentistry in veterinary is essentially the same in human health in that we use machines to clean and polish the teeth, if required we can also perform extractions. The main difference is that animals will not tolerate all this going on while awake so we need to give them a general anaesthetic.

Prevention is better than treating a problem that is already there. We therefore check teeth as part of our wellness exams. We also encourage use of dental toys, chews and special foods to help keep teeth clean. You can even brush your pet’s teeth.

Speak to one of our vets or veterinary nurses about a dental check-up.

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