About Us

Rappaw Veterinary Care is a leading companion animal veterinary practice in the Porirua and North Wellington region.

We have four clinics that are located in Kenepuru, Tawa, Plimmerton, and Whitby.

Rappaw Central Veterinary Hospital located in Kenepuru is open 7 days a week to provide all your pet’s healthcare needs. Rappaw Central and Rappaw Tawa provide consultations throughout the day and have full hospital facilities, including x-ray, lab services, operating theatres and hospital wards. We have the most experienced team of vets and qualified vet nurses in the Wellington Region.

The branch clinic in Plimmerton provides consultations throughout the day and offers lab services and a operating theatre for routine procedures.

The branch clinic in Whitby provides consultations, prescriptions and premium-quality pet foods and products for your pet’s needs.

Further information

Our purpose

At Rappaw our purpose is to improve and enhance the relationship and rapport you have with your pet. Our veterinary care is about ensuring that your pet is as happy and healthy as possible so that you can both enjoy the human-pet bond to the fullest.

Our mission

By caring for their pets, looking after our clients and all doing our very best every time and every day, our clients will have a healthy, happy bond with their pets.

To achieve this we not only need to provide excellent care for illness and injury, we need to help to prevent problems in first place. This means we care about your pet from beginning to end. With preventative care, excellent attention and advice along the way, your pet can have a long, happy, healthy life with you.

We not only want you and your pet to have that special connection, but we want to have the same rapport with you and your pets. We can earn this trust by our team providing respect, integrity and exceptional care.

Talking to your pets, listening to you – is how, in simple terms, we can achieve this. If we look after your pet like we would our own and listen to you as partners in your pet’s healthcare, then together we can help maintain that magical bond you have with your pet.

Our values

  • To help, heal and cure animals
  • Be happy and enjoy working
  • Do the best we can and make a difference
  • Have happy clients
  • To keep learning
  • Enjoy life outside of the practice
  • Have pride in what we do