Fees & Payment

All clients, upon registering with this practice, sign an agreement to pay all fees at the time of treatment of their pet.

We accept all the following methods of payment:

If you have any potential problems paying please speak to the us about your situation prior to seeing the veterinarian.


Our focus on delivering top-quality service, diagnosis and treatment means we are aiming to be the best, not the cheapest.

The entry-level costs of a consultation, of vaccination and routine surgery are similar to other practices.

What happens next reflects the level of care you wish us to provide.

However there are corners that we won’t cut, where patient safety or pain would be an issue.

There are benefits for your pet in us practicing top level medicine, but we are well aware that there may be budget or commitment limitations.

Do feel free to discuss these matters with us; we will do our best to accommodate your circumstances. Costs vary depending on what procedures your pet is having and what size they are. Please phone or email us for an estimate.

Don’t forget that you can earn bonus points (if your a member or Rappaw Rewards) – these add up quickly and can make a significant reduction in costs.


Due to the wide range of payment options we offer, full payment for treatment is expected at the time of consultation, or on collection of your pet. If you are really struggling to pay in full please look at our finance options below.

We offer a number of finance options to make paying your vet bill easier as we understand that not every visit to us is planned!

We are able to offer 12 months Interest Free terms with Q card Finance for transactions over $200 (subject to Q Cards t&c)
There is a link at the bottom of this page to apply for Q finance this is a non obligation pre approval.
If you already have a Q card you can already access Q3 (3 months to Pay) at any time.

VetCare Finance provides fast loans and flexible repayment options. You can apply online and get approval almost instantly

Laybuy is a part payment scheme where you pay the costs of your treatment over weekly or fortnightly payments, download the app on either Apple Play store, or Google Play


No we do not charge extra on weekends. Afterhours/Emergency surcharge – may be applied if we need to see your pet for urgent non scheduled treatment. Please discuss with reception when you phone.

There is also a non client charge for emergency situations where your own registered vet cannot see you. Please discuss this with our client services team

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