X-Rays OLD

X-rays are an important part of everyday veterinary practice. It is extremely useful in providing information on what is happening inside your pet. We use x-rays for diagnostic purposes to help provide additional information to find an answer to a pet’s problem. With x-rays we can assess fractures and congenital bone diseases. We also use to assess the pet before and after certain surgeries.

Having good x-ray equipment is therefore essential. At Rappaw we have invested in over $130,000 in new digital x-ray equipment at our Tawa and Paremata clinics, so we can produce excellent x-rays to help your pet.

Being a BestPractice accredited practice means we are very careful about x-ray safety. X-rays are dangerous when exposed to them as frequently as our veterinary team is. All our staff involved with x-ray procedures have their radiation levels individually monitored and checked every 3 months by the National Radiation Laboratory. This is why, when performing x-rays, we would need to sedate your pet to minimise the x-ray exposure to them and our staff.

By having excellent x-ray equipment, monitoring every individual staff member, and practising good radiation safety not only are we looking after your pet but our people.

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