Ultrasound OLD

Ultrasound is special imaging process that uses sound waves to see inside a body. It is very useful for looking at organs that have high water content, like the liver, heart, uterus, kidneys and bladder. We use ultrasound to assess the function inside the heart, look for tumours in the abdomen, for checking for bladder stones and assessing pregnancy. It works in a similar way to sonar.

Ultrasound imaging requires both a special machine and the vets with the knowledge of how to use the machine and interpret the images produced. We are fortunate at Rappaw to have both.

Ultrasound is a very good imaging system because it is very safe and often involves simply clipping your pet’s fur so that a good contact with the imaging probe can be made with the skin. But we can also use it in some situations to help us perform needle guided biopsies of internal organs. In these circumstances we will often sedate a pet to ensure they stay perfectly still.

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