Lab Testing OLD

Laboratory testing is an important part assessing your pet’s health. As your pet cannot tell us how they feel lab tests can give us that extra information that helps us get a fuller picture.

This is especially so when they are sick. Lab testing provides part of puzzle for reaching a diagnosis, or answer, to your pet’s ailments. They can also help us assess the outlook, or prognosis, for your pet.

Much of the testing we can do in our own clinics with our own lab testing machines, microscopes and skills. By having these facilities on site we can often provide results the same day. We do also use specialist veterinary laboratories to help us find out what is going on inside your pet.

Lab testing involves taking samples of blood, urine, faeces, skin, lumps or even areas of infection. Sometimes it can be as simple as getting a small drop of blood. Other times it can require surgery. Whatever sample is needed we take good care to cause the least discomfort to your pet.

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