Housecalls OLD

We understand that there are situations where it might not be possible for you to bring your pet in to one of our clinics. Your pet might get overly stressed traveling, you may have multiple pets which make it a logistical nightmare, you may have mobility issues yourself, or no transportation.

Many practices do not provide a housecall service but we feel it is important for our clients with special requirements to assist you in caring for your pet. We can provide a housecall visit for annual health checks and vaccinations, sick pets, and more commonly when it is time to put your pet to sleep.

We do have limited times available for when we are able to perform housecall visits as we have both a vet, and a vet nurse attend. We request that you give us as much notice as possible so we are able to organise this special service. There is a housecall surcharge of $80 on top of our standard consult fees.

It is important to note not all services can be done at home and your pet may need to return with the vet to the hospital for further work and/or tests.

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