Health checks OLD

Prevention is always better than cure, and certainly with animals that is most certainly the case. That is why we call these Wellness checks, because they are being done to prevent illness. By performing regular health checks we can pick up problems earlier, or even better prevent them from occurring in first place. It is most certainly better for your pet and often cheaper for you long term.

Wellness health checks include kitten and puppy checks, annual health checks on adult pets, senior and geriatric checks on older pets. Pets age much more quickly than humans do. A once a year check is like you going to the doctor or dentist only every five years.

Wellness checks often involve blood and urine tests to help us determine how your pet is doing on the inside, as they can’t tell us exactly how they feel.

To provide the best care for your pet we encourage wellness and wellness health checks as being integral to your pet having a long, happy, healthy life.

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