Vet Consultations OLD


We offer consultations of 15 minutes or longer if required, with one of our team of experienced veterinarians. By having more than one vet in our teams we are able to provide for consultations throughout the whole day at our Paremata and Tawa clinics, and at specified times at our Titahi Bay and Whitby clinics.

A dog in consultation with the Rappaw teamWe want you and your pet to be as comfortable as possible and by having multiple vets we can pretty much keep to the appointment time, minimising the stress to your pet. Sometimes we do get interrupted because as well as seeing routine problems we also deal with accidents and emergencies.

We do a thorough examination to consider your whole pet. Like babies, pets cannot tell you exactly how they feel. So unlike us when we know when we need to go to the doctor when injured or ill, it is better to be safe than sorry and see us if you think your pet is suffering in anyway.


Because we are a BESTPRACTICE accredited clinic we have a team of qualified veterinary nurses. They are trained and able to perform vet nurse consultations that involve technical aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery. This includes performing post-operative checks on routine surgery and dentistry, performing dental assessments, giving routine injections and discussing nutritional requirements, If your pet needs more than what the vet nurse is qualified to carry out we will involve a veterinarian.