Apollo, We Only have eyes for you!

MEEEEEEOOOOOOOW  my name is Apollo and I am a rather striking Burmese.

I’ve been asked to share my story about how I came to lose my right eye.

 I am what some might call the “cat about town” I have a number of different humans whom I allow to spend time with me but my No 1 two legs is Gary and its to him I owe the most gratitude.

Back in July my carer Gary noticed I was a bit quiet, I didn’t like to open my eye and I really wasn’t to fussed on eating. He wisely took me to see my vet at Rappaw. They spotted the problem right away. I had a large ulcer on my eye.

Although I have never told them what happened what goes on when cats go out is between a cat and his neighborhood, but they suspected I had probably been injured in a fight (they may well be right as I may occasionally have a dust up or two while doing my rounds) They started me on eye drops, pain relief and antibiotics for the infection.

I started feeling better and Gary had his work cut out dutifully giving me my meds each day.

It was time to go back for a revisit I had been told not to rub my eye but it had been very itchy and I just couldn’t help myself.

Anyway the Vet didn’t think it had healed as well as it should have so the decision was made to use my third eye lid.


So unlike humans cats have 3 eyelids, an upper and lower that you would expect but a third one that acts like a windscreen wiper. Yes us cats are pretty cool with all the coolest gadgets.

Well those clever vets can stitch closed the third eyelid which acts like a plaster to protect the eye from further damage.

So after a short cat nap I woke up to the joys of …….. a Buster Collar.

On the upside I also had a very nice heat pad and the catering here is delicious.

 After a few more days my eye was really starting to bother me and even with medication we couldn’t get on top of the infection.

Gary and I had a little chat about things and with advice from the team of vets it was decided best to remove the eye. I hadn’t been using it for a while now because it had been hurt so badly but now it was more uncomfortable so they prepared me for surgery and the eye was removed.

 I don’t remember much from that morning except waking up warm and comfortable I already felt back to my normal self.

 I think the vet did a great job with the cosmetic finish and I don’t think the ladies mind one bit in fact they think it adds to my character.

 I stayed being pampered at the vets for another couple of days and managed to work my kitty charm on the team there. I even came out for their clinic meeting each day and happily went from team member to team member for a schmooze and to very vocally tell them to worship me.  I adequately trained them on how to make my bed so I could perch by buster collar and still look handsome and also taught them how to scratch my head just so.

I was very glad to see my No.1 two legs Gary though as we headed home together so I could resume my lifestyle of luxury and adoration.


(Rappaw would like to thank Gary for giving us permission to tell Apollos story)

Apollo's Primary Vet was Dr Hanna Gray

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