Our Services

The Rappaw Veterinary Care clinics & staff provide a wide array of care services for your pets. Our full list of services can be found to the right.


We offer consultations of 15 minutes or longer if required, with one of our team of experienced veterinarians. By having more than one vet in our teams we are able to provide for consultations throughout the whole day at our Paremata and Tawa clinics, and at specified times at our Titahi Bay and Whitby clinics...Read more

Wellness Health Checks

Prevention is always better than cure, and certainly with animals that is most certainly the case. That is why we call these Wellness checks, because they are being done to prevent illness. By performing regular health checks we can pick up problems earlier, or even better prevent them from occurring in first place. It is most certainly better for your pet and often cheaper for you long term...Read more

The Rappaw team checking over a patient


Vaccinations are used to prevent animals, and people, from getting serious, sometimes life-threatening, and contagious diseases. They are highly effective and in the main extremely safe. We encourage vaccinations as part of your pet’s preventative healthcare. However we try to minimise the amount of vaccination while still maximising the cover they provide...Read more


There is only one thing worse than losing a much-loved pet to illness or injury, and that is actually losing a pet and never finding them again.

The Christchurch Earthquakes proved the true worth of micro-chipping, with micro-chipped pets being easily re-united with their owners. Unfortunately many of the owners of the pets not micro-chipped may never see them again...Read more

Other Services

Other services provided include: