Rappaw Nurse Takes on Carnegie

Rappaw Nurse Takes on Carnegie

Last night Rappaw were invited to attend the graduation of Jessica Gardiner from the Dale Carniege course. We were honoured to be invited to support Jessica, who had a large support crew attend. Unfortunately due to weather and Wellington airport being closed her mother was unable to make it. 

Jessica is a talented head vet nurse with Rappaw, who last year took on a Senior Leadership Role within the Rappaw group of clinics managing our overall vet nursing team.

As part of the Porirua Business Awards Jessica was nominated and won "Young Employee of the Year" and as a very generous gift she received a scholarship to attend the highly accredited Dale Carniege course from Peter and Fiona Couchman.

As Jessica was finishing her vet nurse diploma at the time she was able to complete the course this year.  After 8 weeks Jessica has now graduated the course and took out the Outstanding Achievement Award from this graduating class. 

We are very proud of the commitment Jessica has shown not only to Rappaw but her personal development. She continues to help grow our nursing team to the amazing group of ladies that they are.


" It may have been a surprise to Jessica to firstly win the Young Employee of the Year at the Porirua Business Awards late last year and then also win the overall top of the class award of her Dale Carnegie course but it was no surprise to us. Jess is an amazing individual with a passion to help animals and the practice. We gave her the role of Practice Vet Nurse Manager because she has the attitude and abilities to achieve in this position. The Dale Carnegie course will give her many additional tools to help her succeed. Many thanks to Fiona and Peter for their generous support".          Dr Ian Schraa

Jess receiving her award supported by Dr Rose Penberthy, Dr Ian Schraa and Sharon Bourke 

Jessica's Graduating class flanked by the amazing Fiona Couchman Far left and Peter Coucman Far Right 

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