We have a small, client’s only cattery at our Rappaw Tawa clinic. It is mainly used by clients with cats on special diets, medication or whose cat may be elderly and need the special attention being part of a veterinary clinic can provide. But any client can book their cat in for a stay.

The cats in our cattery are checked every day by qualified veterinary nurses, and if they have any concerns they will alert the veterinarians in the practice.

The cattery has a monitored smoke alarm and is separate from the hospital part of the Tawa clinic.

All cats that wish to stay at our cattery must have up to date vaccinations. That means within the last 12 months. If there are any illness prior to arrival please let our staff know. We can get our veterinarians to examine them for the standard consult fees.

If you wish your cat to stay please contact our Tawa clinic on 232 8382 and see if there is a vacancy for the period you are looking at. Please download the Cattery Admission Form, complete in full, and bring it with you when you come to drop of your cat. Please note the hours that our Tawa clinic is open. As our clinic is closed on public holidays, collection of your pets should be the next day.