Our Bestpractice Accreditation

BestPractice Accredited ClinicsBESTPRACTICE is New Zealand’s only quality accreditation programme for veterinary practices and is designed to ensure the highest standard of service and professionalism for veterinary practices in this country.

BESTPRACTICE is a quality assurance programme, run by the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA), for best practice standards. It involves independent auditing of practices, their personnel, their services, facilities, equipment, procedures and policies.

The NZVA states that “The benefits BESTPRACTICE accredited veterinary clinics offer pet owners is the best possible standard of veterinary care at all times”.

Dr. Ian Schraa holding BestPractice Accreditation certificateWith BESTPRACTICE you, as a pet-owner, have an assurance of high standards of care from a practice that volunteers itself to be independently audited. Not all veterinary practices are the same and only a small number of veterinary practices do this.

Rappaw’s Paremata and Tawa clinics are the only currently accredited veterinary clinics in all of Wellington and Porirua. They are two of only 60 clinics out of 480 clinics throughout New Zealand that are accredited.

Our Paremata clinic achieved accreditation in 1999, the first clinic to do so in the greater Wellington region. The Paremata clinic has continued to achieve it continually since then. Our Tawa clinic achieved accreditation and has maintained it since 2008.

Gaining and maintaining BestPractice accreditation is a lengthy and expensive process for us, but it something we choose do to and maintain so you can be assured your pet is receiving the best care possible.

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