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Are Vaccinations Necessary?

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 4 October 2011

Published on 04/10/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

People sometimes question the value of vaccinations, both in humans and in pets. Are they necessary? The short answer is no, as long as you or your pet doesn’t get infected with one of the number of diseases we use vaccines to protect against. Vaccinations are essentially an insurance policy. If you never come into contact with the bug that causes the disease then you don’t need to be vaccinated. That is why we don’t need to vaccinate for rabies in New Zealand, because it doesn’t exist here.

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Why Spay Your Cat?

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 6 September 2011

Published on 06/09/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

Spring time is breeding season for cats and many young, un-spayed cats WILL become pregnant over the next month or two. Stray and owned unneutered males will come roaming around your neighbourhood looking for these “available” female cats, called queens, who are on heat, or “calling”.

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Choosing a Vet for Your Pet

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 3 August 2011

Published on 03/08/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

How do you choose a vet practice for your family pet? It is an important decision, just like choosing a family doctor for you or your children.

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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Pet

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 5 July 2011

Published on 05/07/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

Most owners only find out their pets have dental problems when their pet’s breath too bad to get close too. This is usually when they already have rotten teeth, infected gums, cavities, large tartar build-up and often pain.

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Arthritis – A Real Pain Even for Pets

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 7 June 2011

Published on 07/06/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

Arthritis is when the cartilage surface in joints breaks down faster than it is made and this eventually exposes the bone and results in pain. Pets do not seem to show pain as readily as humans and certainly cannot simply tell us like humans can. We need to know what to look for in pets.

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Micro-chipping Makes Sense

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 3 May 2011

Published on 03/05/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

There is only one thing worse than losing a much-loved pet to illness or injury, and that is actually losing a pet and never finding them again.

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What If My Pet Needs Surgery?

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 29 March 2011

Published on 29/03/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

As a vet I think anaesthesia and surgery are really amazing. However as a pet-owner you are probably thinking it is really scary. You can’t even tell your pet what it is all about, although that might be a good thing. You are possibly a bit anxious, or may be even worried about it. This is all very understandable.

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Sun Care for Pets

Kapi-Mana News Pet Health Column Article for 1 March 2011

Published on 01/03/2011, by Dr Ian Schraa

As people we have educated for the last couple of decades about the risks of sunburn and the increased likelihood of skin cancer that it can cause. Unfortunately many people are not aware that sunburn can also cause skin cancer in pets too.

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